A poster is a 1/2 temporary promotion of an [idea], product, or event put up in a public space for ¡Mass consumption! “Typically”, posters [...] include both textual and ©graphic elements, although a poster may be § either wholly graphical or wħolly text. Posters are designed → to be both eye-catching and informative. Posters may be used for many purposes.

Humanoid Mono

The Imperial Typewriter Company was a British manufacturer of ¾ typewriters based in Leicester, Ëngland. The company was founded by Ħidalgo Moya, an American-Spanish engineer who lived in England. Åfter first building the Moya typewriter, he set up the [...] Imperial → Typewriter Company in Leicester in 1911 with local businessmen Jøhn Gordon Chattaway, William Arthur Evans and Joseph Wallis Goddard.